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Cloud and Infrastructure Strategy

Infrastructure Assessment and Health Check

Our Cloud and Infrastructure Strategy service helps you to develop effective and executable strategies that ensure you are getting the most out of your cloud and infrastructure investments. We work with you to develop a customised strategy that enables you to meet your current and future requirement.

Our Infrastructure Assessment and Health Check services help you to provide a comprehensive analysis of the platform, process and people aspects of your infrastructure. We identify opportunities for improvement, plus the associated issues and risks that it may impact.

Workload Placement

Our Workload Placement service helps you determine the best location for your workloads whether it's on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid model. We work with you to understand the individual aspects of the workloads, assess the various requirements, explore the pros and cons of placement options, and then identify the best solution based on your business needs.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Our FinOps aligned Cloud Cost Optimisation services help you reduce your cloud spend without sacrificing performance or security. We work with you to identify and act on cost-saving opportunities immediately saving you money, whilst implementing effective strategies to optimise your cloud spending over time.

Infrastructure and Cloud Migration

Our Infrastructure and Cloud Migration services can help you seamlessly migrate your existing systems, applications and data to the cloud or to other infrastructure platforms. Our proven methodology and in-house developed migration tracker tool, M-Track, has helped a range of enterprises effectively migrate and transform their environments, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration process from start to finish.

Post Incident Review

Our Post Incident Review service helps you identify the root cause of incidents, then determine and implement strategies to prevent them from happening again in the future. We use a proven methodology to work with you to conduct a thorough review of the incident, then develop a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement.

Infrastructure Cost Efficiencies

Our Infrastructure Cost Efficiencies service helps you to optimise and reduce costs associated with your existing on-premise infrastructure environments. We analyse many aspects of your environment, identifying potential areas for savings, then working with you to unlock the cost reduction opportunities, without impacting your business.

Architecture and Detailed Design

Our Architecture and Detailed Design services help you to develop robust and scalable cloud and infrastructure solutions that meet your specific needs. Our independence and vendor agnostic approach allows us to develop Core and Reference architectures and also detailed designs that are aligned with your business goals at front of mind.

RFP and Tender Development

Our RFP and Tender Development service can help you streamline your processes to seek out, identify and select the best solution for your individual requirements – ensuring that you get the best value for your money. We work closely with your team to understand your current situation, requirements and develop a comprehensive RFP or Tender that is effective and efficient for the organisations responding and the internal team reviewing them.

Operational Readiness

Our Operational Readiness service helps IT prepare themselves and the applications and business for the launch of new IT infrastructure technology solutions or managed services. We work with you to ensure that your IT infrastructure platforms, processes and people are ready to go live and can ensure that your existing business operations are not disrupted, or a new application or business team has a positive experience.

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